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World Trader Recovery  was established by Benjamin Waite . After working for a major binary options company, Benjamin decided that it is no longer in alignment to her beliefs and values knowing how the entire scam process works.  Now, WORLDTRADERSRECOVERY is working hard to provide services to all those who got scammed around the world.

We have more than 10 years recovering money from our clients with different types of situations as well as companies that are dedicated to fraud.


Frequent questions

Yes. If you’ve found yourself to be the unfortunate victim of a binary options scam, it may seem like you have no recourse except to just take the loss and move on. Don’t let bad actors get away with stealing your money! There are ways to go after individuals and entities that have taken your money. We at World Traders Recovery are experienced in the recovery of funds from bad actors like binary options fraudsters.

Binary options are overwhelmingly a scam and an illegitimate market. When you consider the various legal differences between the US, UK, and EU financial regulations, you may be surprised to find out that binary options markets are legal in the US but are now illegal in the EU and UK. In fact, the bans imposed on binary options markets in the EU and UK are very recent – 2018 for the former and 2019 for the latter.

We have various plans on offer to you from NO WIN- NO FEE all the way up to full legal representation. Simply pick your plan and we will pair you with a member of our team who will assist you in every way possible. Determine which plan is best for you call us today.

Signal scams are hands down the most prevalent form of financial fraud and scams in today’s markets. For the binary options market, signal scams involve an individual or company that offers to sell you trade ideas (signals) in exchange for a monthly fee. The signals are provided via text, email, or via their website. The most popular version of providing signals in most markets is through the chat platform Telegram. As with any financial instrument, it is best to avoid signal providers – they are only interested in making money from you as a subscriber.

The charge that is returned to the customer after his dispute application to the credit card company was successful.
A chargeback can be made only if the customer deposited the funds for the trading through a credit card or debit card.
You can’t charge back a wire transfer.

There are a lot of reasons for a chargeback, with each reason code having a different time frame, supporting documents, rights, terms and conditions.

Yes, there are actions that the binary option company takes that that can be used against them in this process.
If the case is solid we can also use the mistakes they made to reach a settlement with them.

There are a lot of reasons for a chargeback, with each reason code having a different time frame, supporting documents, rights, terms and conditions.

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Binary option scammed me and I thought I lost all of my savings. It is then I manage to get hold of World Traders Recovery. Charlotte has Been very professional And helpful And has manage to recover 50% of my hard earned cash within 4-6 weeks. I highly recommend World Traders Recovery!
Elin Makerson
Glasgow, Scotland
I was completely taken in by a binary option company, and soon they had all my savings. I soon found out that I couldn't withdraw my funds. I tried so many different ways, but no luck, and had given up. However, Megan from World Traders Recovery completely took control and got back all of my money! RESULT!
James Brown
Burlington County, NJ
This company is the only one that could help me after I totally lose all my money from binary options platform. I will highly recommend this World Traders Recovery as your trusted company to recuperate all your losses
Katalin Erinova
I contacted Benjamin after losing all my deposit very quickly. After a few questions and a couple of emails, Benjamin managed to get me 100% of my money back within 1 day!! The costs to do this are very good as I had given up hope of getting anything back. Great service, good communication and rapid response and a great result.
Robert Clochi
Montreal, Canada
I was scammed by RBOptions for $2750 USD. I thought my money was gone for good. Then I came across Benjamin's services on a forum about options trading. I contacted them and within days I got all my money back! Benjamin and her team really know what they are doing! I just cannot thank them enough!
Alisa Kulenan



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Expert in solving any type of option binary scam

World Traders Recovery is a company that provides you with the best services against Binary Option Scam.

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